The Fundamental Principles About Effortless Programs For Apollo Slots Casino Bonus Code

The Fundamental Principles About Effortless Programs For Apollo Slots Casino Bonus Code

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If you're searching for information on Casino sites and also Reward codes, after that checked out No Deposit Reward Codes examines. There are a couple of places where you can break out cash in the most practical ways. As well as the one area to look is in the Gambling enterprise reward code. It can be a really successful gambling establishment video game and also you will have plenty of enjoyable with it if you understand how to play it.

There are a great deal of complimentary perk codes that you can utilize to keep up to date with the Online casino video game. These codes are commonly called bonus codes. Casinos provide them as well as you must enroll in it as quickly as you can to boost your possibilities of winning some real cash.

The large advantage is that these incentive codes are actually wonderful and you can play them anytime you desire. When you remain in the online casino game, you will certainly discover that there are a lot of chances to win some genuine money. These codes can be very useful. So, it is always great to review them and also attempt your good luck with the best Casino video game.

If you understand exactly how to play these Gambling enterprise games, then you can definitely enjoy the most effective of this perk codes. They have some great rewards as well as you can locate great deals of different incentives. You can likewise find a great deal of reviews about these codes in the Internet.

The only problem is that a lot of the evaluations are written by individuals who do not know anything concerning these promotions and they simply intend to promote the websites. You can inquire about the testimonials prior to you join. If you do not understand anything regarding it, then you will just squander your time with these websites.

You will certainly also obtain testimonials on all the incentives as well. This is a good thing and also you will certainly likewise find out what sort of bonuses are supplied by the casino sites. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open. This is just one of the most convenient and also the best methods to learn the very best Online casino game.

There are a lot of testimonial sites that will reveal you some strategies to win some actual money. You can learn redirected here to play them on-line too. You can play them complimentary or if you prefer, you can play them in the real world also. The only thing that you need to remember is that you ought to be careful when you are playing in the real world. Playing these games online does not involve any threat.

No Deposit Bonus Code read review Casinos is likewise there to help you in your search. These sites will aid you in discovering all the incentive codes in the best means. These sites will assist you locate all the Online casino game web sites in the best feasible way. All you require to do is to sign up for these sites as well as you will surely win some cash.

You can locate a great deal of websites that will certainly give you pointers about playing these codes. Some websites will give you cost-free details regarding every site. So, the much more that you play the much better is your chance of winning some genuine money.

In No Down payment Perk Codes websites, you will also locate a lot of excellent information regarding Gambling establishment game and also you can learn how to win the incentives. One of the most effective benefits of playing these incentive codes is that you can play them free. So, you must attempt your luck with these sites and you will definitely win some money.

If you are not pleased with the totally free money provided by these websites, then you can additionally discover even more money from these bonus offers. So, you can play with it and win some actual money.

After getting the bonus codes, you can play the Casino site game in the very best possible means. You can get lots of details concerning this bonus offer. If you wish to learn exactly how to play these video games, then you can just register in the site and you will easily get your opportunity to play them totally free.

Just about everyone seems to have their own piece of advice about Apollo Slots Casino No Deposit.

Online Casinos vs. Social Casino Games

Understanding the Differences between Online Casino Gamblers and Social Casino Game Players

The explosive growth of the social gaming market � with 300 million active users per month at Facebook alone (source) � has put this domain on the radar of online casino operators interested in tapping into this trend. On the other hand, because only about 2% of social gamers are paying players, social gaming operators are looking towards the $30.3 billion online casino industry (source) to figure out how to better monetize their player base. In a sound bite: Social games have the reach, while online gambling has the money.

We believe that there is extensive opportunity for these two domains to accelerate each other�s growth. Let�s take a close look at how players differ between these domains and see what implications the differences have.

Apollo Slots Casino

Research Methodology

Before delving into the data presented here, it�s important to understand the context of where it comes from. We are a software company � our Optimove application helps marketers and retention experts in both online casino and online social gaming companies (among other industries) increase customer spend and lifetime value. Our experience and data in these two fields gives us a deep, unique perspective of the demographics and behavioral patterns of players in both domains.

Please note that all the figures presented here are generalized averages across numerous game types. Despite this, the overall differences in player behavior are very apparent.

Social Gamers are MUCH More Engaged

Our study shows that the level of player engagement in social domains is much higher than in online gambling. A very active social player typically plays every two days, on average, as opposed to a very active gambling player who typically plays once every four days. Thus, active social players exhibit twice the engagement levels!

Another interesting fact is that 60% of single-payment social players (known as one-time-deposit, or OTD players, in the gambling realm) will continue to play for fun after their one-time payment.Contrast this with the online gambling space where only 7% of OTD players continue to play after their initial deposit amount is gone. We can thus say that social OTD players are nine times more engaged, since they continue to play even though they do not put any more money into the game.

Another important engagement statistic to compare is survival rate, where we see that social gamers are 6.25X more engaged: in social games, 50% of players are still active after six months, as opposed to only 8% in gambling.

There are two main reasons why online social gamers are much more engaged than online gamblers:

More Frequent Interaction

In online gambling, players play via a downloaded PC app or on the website. In order to interact with the game, the player has to specifically go to play, or to receive an email reminding him about the game. In other words, the game is �out of sight, out of mind� most of the time. On the other hand, social games tend to be visible while the player is doing other things in social networks, such as interacting with friends on Facebook. Furthermore, he might be drawn back into the game when seeing his friends playing or after spotting a status message from the app.

Another important factor is the fact that approximately half of social gamers play on their mobile devices, wherever they are, whereas mobile gambling has yet to catch on (possibly because gambling apps are not permitted in the large app stores).

Higher Motivation to Play

In gambling, the player plays to win and to get some kind of a rush. If he wins big, he will usually cash out and might reduce his engagement levels in the near future. In social gaming, there are many more aspects of social/fun engagement which motivate the player. The player wants to compete in the game, to go up in levels, to beat his friends (leader board) and to interact with them by sending gifts.

Proving the impact of the social factor, we have discovered that players with more than a 100 friends are worth 50% more in lifetime value (LTV) terms. When looking at the top social segments (a combination of number of friends, virtual goods sent and messages sent) we see an 80% higher LTV.

The �funs� (non-paying players) database is massive and super important in social because it contributes to the social effect. The fun players are a part of the social ecosystem (I might put in some money in order to beat my fun friends). The social player wants to be virtually rich! Moreover, in social, there is always something happening. You can claim a bonus every few hours. In gambling, if you don�t intend to deposit, you have no reason to come.

Additionally, the perceived value returned by a deposit/payment is often greater in social games: whereas a gambler who loses his money has nothing left, the social gamer may have had a more enjoyable playing experience, reached a higher game level acquired new equipment and so forth.

Beyond Engagement: Other Behavioral Observations

Conversion Rates

We find a huge difference in conversion rates between social gamers and gamblers. In social, the average conversation rate of free players to paying players is about 2%, while in online gambling it is around 18%. This 9X difference is due to the fact that the database of non-paying social players is much larger (there could be millions of MAUs), resulting in a lower conversion rate. In gambling, the player comes to the web site for a specific purpose, he knows why he is there and consequently the conversion is higher (this is related to the platform issue discussed above).

Second-time Depositors (OTD ? STD)

Here, too, there is a significant difference between the two domains. On average, about 62% of social gamers who made a first payment will make a second payment, whereas in gambling it is only around 46%. This 1.35X difference is due primarily to the higher engagement levels in social gaming. Greater engagement means that they are more likely to make another payment while they are involved with the game. Also, social gamers pay for in-game benefits and aren�t worried about �losing� their money whereas gamblers who have lost their first deposit (which they hoped to get back and then some) may be more wary to risk more of their money a second time.

Differences in One-time Deposit and Impact on LTV

Although the average deposit in online gambling is nearly 4X that of social gaming, the average gambler represents an LTV of 2.5X the average social gamer. This indicates that while the average gambler makes larger deposits, the average social player makes more payments.


It seems that gambling sites are more dependent on VIPs than social sites. In social, there is also a very strong VIP segment, but the Pareto distribution is not as steep as in gambling. In other words, the top 10% of players in gambling sites generate 80% of the deposits whereas in social, they represent only 60% (25% lower). If you look at the entire Pareto graph you�ll find a smoother, longer tail in social.

Strategic Implications

The fact that there are no withdrawals in social games is what makes it gaming and not gambling. This has an important impact on the level of freedom that marketers have in sending promotions and offers to players: CRM experts can go wild in social because there is no fear of fraud (e.g., using bonus systems to trick the house). Consequently, CRM in social can be used more extensively to engage players and increase their LTV. On the other hand, marketers in social gaming need to prevent game money inflation by offering too much currency.

Another important difference is that social gamers tend to bring in other players more than gamblers do. This is due to both the integral social interaction factor (e.g., group competition, sending gifts to friends) and the relative freedom that marketers have to reward players for getting their friends to join.

Online casino operators may discover that they have a lot to learn from the fun and social �gamification� aspects which are integral to social games. When casino sites figure out how to successfully incorporate gamification aspects such as levels, group competition and social gifting, they can expect to tap into some of the higher engagement and word-of-mouth benefits that social gaming operators already enjoy.


There are extensive and important differences between paying/funded players in the social gaming and online gambling domains. We hope that the data presented in this article can provide deeper insight into the differences between social gamers and online gamblers. Whether or not companies will successfully bridge these two fields is yet to be seen.

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